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The only way to know what you have is to pull the intake off. This applies to anything with a cam or major mods because they will cause the LT1 module to go nuts. Get Yours Today! We have the best products at the right price. Stock HP is 275 for '94 as were other early F-body LT1's, most of them I've heard pull off about 240-250 RWHp, later LT1's (96-97) were rated at 285, mostly attributed to the dual cat exhaust upgrade in 96. In 2008, we pioneered one crank and cam signal solution for an engine to use the popular LS-series electronics. LT1 Pistons carry over the black coating found on the LS3 and other Gen 4 engines to control knocking and reduce friction on startup. One should not hear any noise coming out of a Finley tuned LS1. How a Knock Sensor Works. The LT1 ignition system could actually be referred to as a hybrid that is a cross between a time-based conventional ignition and a corresponding duration-configured distributorless design. hope this helps! knock sensors whould be from the 02 g3500 with 5. The piezoelectric device inside is quite fragile and cracks often. Engine harness package for Gen V LT1 engine shown. The most obvious difference that distinguishes the LT1 from these other engines is the front-mounted Opti-Spark ignition system. The acceleration and fuel mileage will start to decrease for one thing. LS1/LS6 Engine Torque Specifications. Deeper knocking noises are from below where the crankshaft is located. Blueprint Crate Engines 1992-96 Corvette LT1 Replacement Crate Engine Show Product Info Great for your muscle car or street rod project, this aluminum headed LT1 350ci engine was used in the 92-96 Chevrolet Corvettes and is rated at 300HP/330LB-FT and comes with a 30 month/50,000 mile warranty . Any marine converted engine should have a "Y" fitting in the block with the knock sensor screwed into one side and the drain plug in the other. These are located in or near the sections or paragraphs to which they correspond. No. These harnesses include the Gen II LT1/LT4, Gen III (24x) LS1/LS6 and Vortec Truck Engines as well as Gen IV (58x) LS2, LS3, LS7, & Vortec and GEN V LT / ECOTEC3 Engines. Loading Unsubscribe from Fazz73jr? Looking at the datastream on the scan tool, we noticed the ECM was taking out 11 percent of ignition timing in knock retard and suspected that the overly sensitive LT1 knock sensors were picking up Corvette: Why is My Engine Knocking? Remember that sound on those old roller coasters on the climb up? If your 'Vette's engine sounds similar, use this article to help diagnose the issue. 1994 Z28-LT1 light engine knock? Best Answer: This noise could be coming from the pulleys. 7L knock sensor -- 10456288 . Karl Ellwein and his partner Zack Hagelin are available for hire to tune 94-97 LT1 and most LSx vehicles using EFI Live, HP Tuners, JET DST and TunerCAT. The IC line is the white wire that runs from the black PCM connector pin 5 to the ICM. Between LT1 PCM Tuning and myself, my Formula LT1 is running great. 0 cu in (6,162 cc) LT1 engine debuted in the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and is the first Generation V small block engine. emile turks, Jul 1, 2004 The 350 LT1 head gaskets are not interchangeable with regular 350 Chevy head gaskets because they have different water passages due to the reverse cooling. The LT1 has a number of glaring strikes against it. Knock: One way to determine real knock versus false knock is to run the engine on high-octane gas, like 100-octane unleaded (not mixed with 92 - get as close to 100 as possible). My '67 Chevy Page has a little info about my pickup. The LT4 module is less sensitive than the LT1 module. This is when you have "the pedal to the metal," or the throttle is fully open. One customer with a stock '94 L99 engine (4. Ever since the invention of the internal combustion engine detonation has loomed over engine builders, engineers, and speed demons awaiting its call to smash your dreams to tiny pieces and along with it your bank account. Also the knocking noise seems to be more noticible and has a longer duration in You won’t get a gain in horse power but it’s a better sensor, it’s very common for the LT1 owners to slap a LT4 knock sensor in. 3L V8, so-called "baby LT1") reported over 30 MPG highway in a full-size Caprice when using only the Moderate version of my MPG Improvement! Another customer with a stock '97 LT1 said that he went from 14-15 to 19 MPG with my Moderate MPG Improvement, even with his aggressive driving! A gain of 4-5MPG The original LT1 engine, available from 1970 through 1972, was only offered with two vehicles; the Chevrolet Corvette and the Camaro Z28. When you upgrade to headers and roller rockers you run a chance of creating false knock, which in turn causes the module to retard the timing, creating a loss of power. 7 the original lt1 sensors are most likely worn out at this point and you need to flush the block properly anyway. These cars use an 18-psi rated pressure relief/vent cap on the radiator like most conventional systems. Next if it is a rattle and not a loud knock the sound might be piston slap combined with thin oil. If you are hearing any metallic knock BlackY2kZ28. These chip modules are not compatible with the C950. 1 Answer. LT1 F-cars use a conventional coolant recovery system that consists of a non-pressurized coolant overflow tank connected to the radiator by a single hose. I used steveo's auto tune service to generate a bin - I chose stock options  Get the job done with the right part, at the right price. The Chevy LT-1 was released in 1992 as the second generation of small-block General Motors V8s. The Vortec 5700 L31 (Vin code 8th digit "R") is a V8 truck engine. The LT1's stamped steel rocker arms exhibited ball galling at 6400 rpm, so modified Crane roller rockers were substituted in the LT4 with lock nut and set screws to replace the conventional ball and friction nuts. The reason being - the ECU knows it's bad, so it puts everything into failsafe mode using all of it's safety margin with the timing advance, etc. Common LT1 Part Numbers. The LT4 module can be used on 1994-1997 engines (OBD-I and II) and no change of the knock sensor is needed (even though the sensors changed in 1996). The problem is the check engine light remains on giving me code 43 (knock sensor). I have an LT1 out for a 1994 impala ss, the one with 2 knock sensors going into my 240z. The original LT1 engine, available from 1970 through 1972, was only offered with two vehicles; the Chevrolet Corvette and the Camaro Z28. The LT1 is completely different since it uses reverse flow cooling. 5scr motor I found about 22* was absolute max before I saw knock under boost so mine was 22*'s the entire column from about 3000rpm to redline. If it's overtorqued when installed, the knock sensor is damaged - resulting in a misread of the knock harmonics, and generally resulting in a misread of normal engine sounds as knocking. If the knock goes away, it was real. Enable Temp: Minimum temp for burst knock to be enabled. Replace module only after verifying wiring and connections are not shorted or open. But replacing it will almost certainly not correct your problem. The LT1 doesn’t have open loop idle settings, however you can cheat using the PE tables. The 6 inch lead for this connector is blue. If you have put in too much timing, you will get increased knock counts, knock retard and therefore will make less power. The LT1 V8 6. 1993 ignition coil 1115315 That’s where the most experienced EEHack users and LT1 hackers hang out these days, and it’s a great forum. 95 z28 LT1 bad rod knock Fazz73jr. If a plug wire is left disconnected it has the potential to collect moisture. i bought this car with a knocking engine. When knock occurs, the “Knock Level” should exceed a value of 80 and knock retard should occur. 94-95 oem gm knock sensor module for a camaro trans am (f-body) with the lt1 engine. You will need to drain the coolant from the radiator and be prepared for the passenger side The LT1's (from my reading) don't have coolant in the intake manifold like older small-block chevy's do. Otherwise, The reason being - the ECU knows it's bad, so it puts everything into failsafe mode using all of it's safety margin with the timing advance, etc. Each time the piston changes direction, there is a knock from the metal hitting metal. com does it for $250. Depending on the engine coolant temperature, cold coolant from the radiator is carefully metered into the engine. New One way to diagnose rod knock is to run engine with one spark plug disconnected at a time. In 1995 the 4L60E changed slightly, and an additional solenoid was added to the valve body. You can run the LT1 modual and you may never have a false knock. com has been building GM EFI fuel injection systems since 1993. I forget which cylinder it is but sbc's and lt1's have a favorite rod that fails first and causes the knock. Available with displacements of 383 and 396 cu in, these make up to 550 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. When working on a LT1 or LT4 adding headders helps the horsepower but the LT1 factory Knock Sensor can remove any benefit by retarding the timing as it picks up exhaust noise as additional Knock. i crawled under the car cuz i figured that if it was a bearing i would be able to hear it better from under it but that wasnt the case. While there is certainly some truth to that, the differences can come back to bite you when you attempt to swap an LS of any sort f-body technical specifications, part locations, part numbers, how-to guides, diagrams. The injectors are fired in coordination with the opening of the intake valve. It is pretty normal for a high mileage LT1 to rattle a bit when it is started cold. LT1 24x Conversion - No knock retard, ever. 1995-1997 optispark (vented style, cam dowel driven) 1104032. Click here for more info on that. Umarex Knock-Over Targets Targets, Arrow Knocks Indiana Archery Nocks, Do-All Outdoors Knock-Over Targets Targets, Knock-Over Targets Targets without Custom Bundle, Lt1, Knock Knock Book Plates, Knock Down, Knocking Massagers, Gamo Knock-over Targets, Other Massagers Knocking Massagers If you have similar valvetrain modifications on your LT1, it may be a good idea to swap to the LT4 module to reduce the chance of "false knock" (knock not related to detonation). This is the GM 16214681 LT4 Knock Sensor used in the 1994-1996 PCM/ECM Control Module(s) for LT4 Corvettes to adjust for this excess knock condition. If knock occurs and the knock level is below 80, the Sensitivity is not adjusted properly or the Frequency is not correct. The module interprets the data picked up by the knock sensor and the PCM retards timing as needed. Check ecm for open or short to ground. Air Conditioning Tensioner Bolt 18 lb ft. Street and track tuning is available now. engine was totally rebuilt recently, Mild performance with Lt-4 hot cam, double springs, ported heads and ls7 rockers. So you can have a small intake leak, which therefore would show no common signs like coolant in the smoke or oil. From there there are two ways that gas can cause a knock, now this is if the knock is internal. what it does is filter out engine knock fromjust noise. I put the motor in about 2k miles ago, and after replacing some burnt up spark plug wire (my bad), the motor is running pretty well. 1993 ECM's have the receiver circuitry built-in to the computer  Apr 24, 2016 My rebuilt LT1 felt a bit lazy so I decided to try doing a bit of tuning. 1993-1994 optispark electrical harness 12106559. Go to a good engine rebuilder and he will be spot on with a diagnosis. Most LT1s don?t like more than 36-38* of total advance, while LS1s seem to make best power with 28-32*. The GM ESC module is a separate knock module usually mounted on the firewall, hence the reason for me writing, "stand alone, not ECU integrated". An ACDelco GM Original Equipment Ignition Knock (Detonation) Sensor monitors the engine for pinging or spark knock, and is a GM-recommended replacement for your vehicle’s original component. You won’t get a gain in horse power but it’s a better sensor, it’s very common for the LT1 owners to slap a LT4 knock sensor in. Well the outlet for the headers is right above the knock sensor on each side. Stare at it for a while and see if the flash jives with the knock. The engine's short lifespan combined The Chevrolet LT1 engine is the second-generation (Gen II) design of Chevy’s famous small block. For LT1, spark is calculated in terms of MAP, just like speed density. my Q is what The LT1 and LS1 fourth-gen Camaro is essentially the same car. Engine knocking refers to the metallic sound an engine can produce when pressure is applied to the gas pedal. pile of shit 94 LT1 bent connecting rod. They are completely plug and play with four wire hookup (switched power, constant power and ground connections required). Each harness comes complete with the necessary relays and its own fused power source. If the noise is a steady metallic rap, it may indicate a rod/rod bearing. The cylinder heads feature combustion chambers and intake ports very similar to those of the LT1 V8, but without the reverse-flow cooling. If removing trans, pay attention to BLUE connector pin 41. This noise is loudest when the engine is under heavy load. I searched around and got some LT1 specific info, then found something for the LS1 which involved cutting the two knock sensor leads from the PCM (#11 & #51), then wiring in a pair of 100K ohm resistors, one lead to PCM and one lead to ground. Its run was short and its major parts don’t interchange with the original small-block. 25 mm × 92 mm (4. You can pay in Review (mpn:16177700) 94-95 Firebird Camaro LT1 Knock Sensor OEM GM 5. Currently being sold by the brother of original owner (70 yr woman). on 12 psi and pump gas on a 9. Also the knock sensors work hand in hand with crank position sensor to determine which cylinder is knocking. The 6. As such, the ignition knock detonation sensor allows the timing of the ignition system to be as advanced as possible without causing any problems. The LT1 module is too sensitive and will give readings to the computer saying there are knocks when there are not. If this is what you have then we can get you going. What a lot of people don’t realize is the unvented Optisparks are actually vented!! Yes, they have 3 weep holes at the base of the Optispark to allow moisture to escape. Connectors. A low rumble or knocking noise could be caused by a bad rod bearing on the crankshaft. What really happened is that the mechanic burped the heads and timing cover off without draining the coolant from the engine first. The LT1 PCM calls this "power enrichment (PE) mode. The main harness has a connector with a fan and a fuel pump control wire. Tractel TOPAL LT Knocking Lever for separating plates LT1-830 - Lever Length 830mm The lever is fitted with a sliding shaft allowing its end between the plates. Those are both intended to control a relay - one for the fan and one for the fuel pump. Ignition: 1993-1994 optispark (non-vented style, spline driven) 10457702. The 2 knock sensors actually feed into 1 pin at the PCM, if you remove one you'll need to compensate for the change in resistance so the remaining sensor will work correctly. Remember there are two PE tables, rpm and temperature, make sure they both correspond to your desired settings. Jay Leno has the first look at the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray - Jay Leno's Garage - Duration: 7:46. 0 60502 LT1 (94 & 95) FUEL INJECTION HARNESS KIT 8. The distributor and electrical spark timing system, now referred to as "Opti- Spark Control", has an optical sensor which counts light pulses through a perforated disc in the distributor. This sensor typically threads into one of the coolant plug holes near the center of the block just above the oil pan. Actual product may vary. 7 V8 Trans Am Z28 16177700. I did notice a tiny bit more high rpm power when I replaced the LT1 knock module with the vette LT4 knock module. Excessive crankshaft end play is indicated by an intermittent rap or knock sharper than a worn main bearing. i got one becasue i have a reallyloud exhaust. hope this helps! LT1 F-cars use a conventional coolant recovery system that consists of a non-pressurized coolant overflow tank connected to the radiator by a single hose. and the lt1 knock is really sensitive so people get the lt4 to reduce retaded timing. . This allows for extra noise form the valve train or headers and not think it is knock. Check for corroded spark plug ends. Southern Performance System’s ProStreet Series engines are entry-level Turnkey Engine Packages designed for anyone that is building a Pro Street/Pro Touring vehicle that they plan to use for everyday use or the “weekend” racer. The noise may be a hollow knocking sound or more of a rattling sound—in either case, it's not a sound you want to hear. Normally I zero it out on cammed Gen V because it may make you chase your tail. For LS1 applications, load is calculated as g/cyl. I know what your talking about tho, I swear everyone of those do it, I dont know why but they do. Coolant is transferred from head to head by a steam line on the back of heads. Knock sensor for 95 LT1. The sensors on the side of the block will work just as well as the internal sensors do. 14 day return (minus original shipping) if not satisfied. We will ship within one business day of payment. When an engine pings, it releases pollution into the environment in the form Caspers Electronics 109081 - Caspers Electronics Knock Sensor Wiring Harnesses with LS1 Cam Sensor Adapter. Buy Knock Sensor Connector Pigtail Wiring Fits 85-04 TPI LT1 LS1 LS6 GM Camaro: Detonation - Amazon. Burst Knock This is a timing retard which will initiate in response to large change in MAP values. Knock Sensors; NOTES: These harnesses are designed for retrofitting '14 - 18 LT1 and L83 / L86 ECOTEC3 GEN V engines and a T56/TR6060 or non-electronic automatic transmissions into older muscle cars and street rods or newer non-emissions controlled vehicles. The typical ECM/PCM number is 16188051. use 2 sensors. Resonant Knock Sensor. The coolant spills into the bottom end of the engine. The belt tensioner pulley could be worn out making a knock noise. If everything is in good condition and there is no reason for the car to knockyour best bet is to go with the lt4 knock sensor. Fuel Injection Connection . The manifold was sealed at the ends with RTV rather than gasket material and tended to leak even straight from the factory. The LT1, 3800 V-6, and LS1 are primarily MAF based, sequential injection with knock control. On the flip side (literally) is the wrist pin. The 1994-96 ecms also have knock modules that can be replaced. 3 V8) stand alone SFI wiring harness. The Relief in the center of the piston is for the direct injection fuel "Bowl. 7 & 4. Do i need a LT4 knock module? This is a discussion on Do i need a LT4 knock module? within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I have a 97 ws6. 1995-1997 optispark electrical harness 12130319. Lo Octane Retard: This is the amount of timing that will be taken out across the board when low octane mode is entered. A knocking or ticking noise from your engine is a sign that something is wrong. This occurs when the heat and pressure in the combustion chamber of the engine is excessive, causing the air-fuel mixture to auto-ignite. but my question is will a rod knock if its just slight be inconsistant? like sometimes at idle it will go away completely, or when i rev it up it will stop for a second or 2. The LT1 engine is prone to engine oil leaks, most especially around the front and rear of the intake manifold. The circuit 1 knock sensor would be located on the lower right side of the engine block (passenger side). Code 42- Ignition control circuit (ignition module). If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. It’s usually due to oil starvation although bearing wear can happen naturally over hundreds of thousands of miles. General Motors' Generation II LT1 is a small block V8 engine. GM LT1 Products (1992-1997) Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low Showing 1–16 of 25 results PSI specializes in the design and manufacture of Standalone Wiring Harnesses for GM Gen II, III, IV, & V LS/LT based engines and transmissions. I have just put my block hugger headers on, the ones from JTR, the sanderson ones. it would help ifyou have a loud exhaust , heads,cam new rockers. This is because its function is to sense vibrations caused by engine knock or detonation. If the knock sensors on your LS1 equipped Camaro or Firebird have gone kaput, this article will outline the basic removal and replacement procedure. 065 in × 3. The incoming coolant first encounters the thermostat, which now acts both on the inlet and outlet sides of the system. Immediately afterward the engine starts knocking or ticking. What could it be? - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic You're viewing: #HK67 – LT1 Knock Sensor $ 65. Did you assemble with the newer PM rods, or aftermarket? Balance could be a real issue with aftermarket forged rods unless you had the weights checked. NOT KNOCK MODULE. Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with 2002 Chevrolet Corvette Knock Sensor from AutoZone. It is loaded with various features to help get the most out of your ECM, new tuners and experienced ones alike should find it useful. The most cost-effective way to get from there to 450 hp is to add 85 hp or so with some While the original '92-97 LT1 was not a high-output motor, the reverse is true of LT1 crate engines from Golen Engine. If it does, then it is more likely to be rocker arms, pushrods, lifters, camshaft, cam bearings, timing chain and gears. Added a section on injector timing. The engine's short lifespan combined LT1 F-bodies have plug access and ground clearance problems with long tubes, but the Kooks pipes offer good plug access and very good ground clearance. Did the previous owner let this happen and now months later corrosion has taken its toll? The knock sensor is located on the engine block, cylinder head or intake manifold. I would have never guessed that there are so many things that I have control over my car and things you can do to get it to run at its peak performance. It's more of the sound when you take your fisted hand and starting from an inch above a wooden desktop tap at about 1 knock per second. Dyno tuning will be available early 2020. When you turn the steering there is a knocking noise that seems to be coming from the pump that stops the moment you stop turning the wheel. Anyone here install the LT4 knock module? Did you notice any difference? Here is the one I bid on: The 94 and up LT1 is a sequential port fuel injection system. 1995-1997 vented optispark vacuum hoses 12555323. LT4 motors came with roller rockers, which make more valvetrain noise. Went to look at a 94 RMW this evening. I purchased a 2012 Cruze 1LT 3 months ago. A rod knocking, (bearing letting go) will have a low thud or pounding at low RPMs and oil pressure will drip. " I believe the lt1 knock sensor is a little too sensative. Try zero out static retard table it often reports knock retard to pull timing on indivual cylinders. 1970 z28 lt1 rebuild I can't believe you guys saying your engine isn't knocking at WOT with 11. Knock Sensor Wiring Harness, LS1 Cam Sensor Adapter, Chevy, Small Block LS, Each. They allow you to read the calibration information currently stored in the car's computer, view and edit this information as needed and then program the car's computer with the modified calibration. He refined it some and used it on his LT1. The Chevrolet LT1 5. 622 in) with a compression ratio of 11. I created this video below of some typical engine ticking and knocking noises. 7L V8 engine that was produced from 1992 to 1997 has some significant differences compared to the previous small block Chevy it replaced, and the third generation LS1 small block that later replaced it. "ACDelco knock sensor modules are specifically designed to monitor detonation at the piston and will send the signal back to the computer to retard the timing. With the engine warmed up, pull the i bought this car with a knocking engine. I found a mounting bracket from a Pontiac that mounted to the LT1 head with a little modification. Modernize Your Early SBC, VI Gen BBC, TPI, LT1 / LT4 Engine Our EFI 24x™and EFI 58x™ Product Lines bring Gen III LS1 PCM control and Gen IV LS3 ECM control to these popular engines. EFI Connection's 24x LT1 systems are designed to output the 24x crank and 1x cam signal of a GM Gen III LS-Series engine. Where using these codes might come in handy, is if you have a 95 iron headed motor, they will have two knock sensor on the block. Its similar in mechanism to the sound generated by an aluminum baseball bat when it makes contact. When the knock sensor, a piezoelectric sensor, senses the harmonic (i. The faulty knock sensor will not cause the Check Engine light to come on nor will it cause the driveability symptoms you describe. TPI engines use only one knock sensor and, with the exclusion of the Camaro and Firebird, LT1 engines use two knock sensors. Free shipping when your order includes this part. These modules are less sensitive than stock modules which eliminates retarded timing from false knock created by noise from modifications such as larger cams, roller rockers, or headers. my 1994 corvette LT1 engine hesitates and feels like it will stall on tip in - runs a bit hot as well and seems down on power - spark knock present on tip in and on load at slow speeds -- whats the problem One customer with a stock '94 L99 engine (4. a lot of lt1 PHANTOM KNOCKS have been fixed ths way. The original head gaskets on the LT1 were wider and had holes that held the pushrods in place for assembly, but the replacement gaskets look a lot like the ones used on a regular 350. The LT1 offered increased horsepower and performance at the end of the muscle-car era and their horsepower saw a gradual decrease each year. The knock sensor is easily damaged during removal even if you use the proper tool to wrench it off. Damaged or worn main bearing noise is revealed by dull thuds or knocks which happen on every engine revolution. 6 volts when it should be at 0 volts. Once your normal driving is fine-tuned, giving BLMs of near 128 (126-130), with no knock retard, you can move on to tuning the power portion of your PCM tune. I have been reading around and they say they really improve performance, especially if you have headers. Use liquid pipe sealer not tape if there is no preapplied sealer on the threads. Re: Engine knock 97-99 vortec 5. 7 liter Chevrolet Caprice & Impala SS, Buick Roadmaster, Cadillac Fleetwood. This is based on having heard LS1's on the dyno that sure sound like they're knocking and the PCM doesn't see it. Air Conditioning Compressor Bracket Bolts 37 lb ft. Jegs and Summit both carry decent brands and probably overlap a lot I wouldn't buy their in-house parts though. Later LT1 and on LS1, Vortec 4. The locking tab was on all 1997 LS1 engines, and in most (but not all) 1998 LS1 engines. The LT4 knock module is not as sensitive to false knock as the LT1 module is. This module desensitizes the knock interpreted by the ECM. 0 gram (24lbs/hr) injectors of the LT1. A significant improvement over the original Generation I V8 is the Generation II LT1's "reverse cooling" system, allowing coolant to start at the heads and flow Full Answer. I have had it in the shop 4 times already (currently there) for this knocking noise. General Motors LS and LT Performance Forums, News, and Rumors 68 Answers. This makes them plug and play. You will find the fit and function meets all GM specifications. Air Conditioning Idler Pulley Bolt 37 lb ft. Aug 11, 2013 Hey guys i need help trying to figure out what is the cause of this terrible loud thud/knocking sound coming from my engine , the noise comes  LTX and LSX - LT1 knock sensor is picking up knock, giving me bad spark retard and timing - Big problem. 5 grams per second (28lbs/hr), replacing the 3. Help is just a click away! I just bid on an LT4 knock module on ebay. This is to help all thoughs out who are wanting to swap over from fuel injection to Carb and for thoughs who are sick of doing the opti 5 nuckle shuffle! G. I think the 411 PCM is less sensitive to knock than the LT1 PCM was. 0:1 with todays low grade Premium gas unless your dissy is tricked Minimum Coolant temp in C for knock retard to be active. The problem is however is when people locate the Corvette LT1, which can lead to a ton of problems when you try to swap it into your car. There is a one year replacement warranty. The engine control module then uses that signal to adjust the ignition timing and air/fuel mixture. 4th Gen LT1 F-Body Technical Aids LT1 & LT4 Knock Sensor Modules; 1994 LT1 Engine Specifications by Justin Cupler . But the LT1 crank is balanced differently to accommodate lighter pistons. Vehicle Won't Start or Engine Noises Main Bearing Noise. 5 to 1. 7L LT1 is rated at 275 hp at 5,000 rpm, with 325 lb-ft of torque at 2,000 rpm. This knock module fits the following vehicles: 1994-95 5. 6. It's not a ticking or a clanking knock. 6400Hz) it signals the ECU to take action. An injector stuck open causes a rich mixture which will either reduce the chances of a knock or once again cause a misfire. Yes you do have one. The LT4 one was designed to give a more accurate knock reading because it is harder for it to detect knocks. 2 L; 376. 0 TROUBLE-SHOOTING INSTRUCTIONS AND TROUBLE CODES Sections are further divided into Paragraphs and Steps. Are you looking for that hard-to-find connector for your GM fuel injection harness? No knock-offs here. Well, go to the exhaust section and look for knock module. The sensor creates a voltage signal based on the vibrations caused by erratic air/fuel mixture combustion; the engine control module uses this signal to adjust the ignition timing and air/fuel mixture. The OBDI LT1 Tuning Kits are complete packages with everything you need to tune your 1994/1995 LT1 car. The LT1 is a solid engine, with horsepower and torque to spare, and a large aftermarket for performance upgrades. This knocking sound only happens at startup when the vehicle has been sitting for a while such as over night. It would be a waste of time/money to do anything to reduce spark retard from knock when the PCM wasn't picking up any in the first place. And oh yeah make sure all the engine mounts and tranny mount is good. Accelerator Control Cable Bracket Bolts 89 lb in. This noise may be caused by an interaction between the piston and the cylinder wall. The noise is usually more noticeable when tenperature is below 10 degrees C (50 degrees F) or if the vehicle has not been used for several days. Ensure PE activation around your idle speed happens at 0% TPS, and then use your low RPM PE table to affect idle fuel mixture. The stock LS tach signal is 4 cylinder type signal. Here they are, the Pin# will be highlighted in RED. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases FOR SALE - Atlanta, GA - Sell or trade 93 Z28 Camaro -- 2 main issues - 1) bought it and on the ride home it started knocking bad, no 93 Z28 Camaro - LT1 - rod knocking (Thomaston) - JLA FORUMS 93 Z28 Camaro - LT1 - rod knocking (Thomaston) That is the only way gas can get into the oil in an LT1 corvette engine. An injector stuck shut causes a lean misfire which causes the engine to hesitate and loose power but not knock. New knock sensor connector for TPI, TBI, LT1, and LS1 applications. I hate it when the rods come out like that. The sensors create a voltage signal based on the vibrations caused by erratic air/fuel mixture combustion. Please look at the photo and numbers to confirm this will work in your pcm. The connecting rods in the 1992-’94 LT1 engines are forged steel, while those in the 1995 and up engines are powdered metal. Speedway 1994-1997 LT1 Engine Wiring Harness made by Speedway Motors, for as low as $569. Video uploaded from my hTC mobile phone. An ignition knock sensor detects pinging in the engine, then signals back to the computer, which can slow down the timing just a bit so that the pinging can stop. Some harnesses are different based on type of o2 sensors you have. By fixing this one issue, it should be set for many more years of trouble-free driving. If you do have rod knock, when you unplug the spark plug from the affected cylinder, the noise will get much quieter. If it’s still there, it’s false. The misdiagnosis is that the valve job gave the engine too much power making the aged bottom end fail. The 1996 differs as it also includes a crankshaft position for tighter fuel and emission control. It's also a tapping noise. Hook the timing light to any one cylinder and watch the flash illuminate the timing mark. Consequently, if you are rebuilding one of these engines with an exchange crankshaft, make sure the crankshaft is the correct one for an LT1, not a 350. Working when pulled. Normally the table is filled between 5600rpm to 6400rpm in the LT1 camaros. What the vacuum hoses do, is they pull the moisture out of the Optispark. Each harness comes complete with full technical support by phone or online. An obd1 knock SENSOR. The engine's higher rpm also exceeded the LT1's fuel injector's ability to keep up, so the LT4 got larger fuel injectors rated at 3. I did that,cleared my codes and after 20 minutes of driving I got knock sensor codes 327 and 332. Throughout, the Figure numbers refer to illustration and the Table numbers refer to information in table form. General Motors LS and LT Performance Forums, News, and Rumors The LT1 and the car are now gone, but I've left all the information!! Included on this page is the VATS page, showing how to byp ass GM's anti-theft system used in many early 90's vehicles. With the engine warmed up, pull the well i took a guys advice from work and tried a thicker oil to see if it would do anything, no such luck still knocking. They claim that roller rockers and/or headers can cause false knock. A spark knock or detonation, as it is commonly referred to, is a form of combustion that can cause different kinds of damage and failure to the engine. Also, your car’s computer system should notify you when there is a problem with the knock sensor. Sunspro Sensor Tester Plus-. He got me my tune quick and has worked with me to fine tune it. 0 this comes from the PCM, which generates this signal for a aftermarket tachometer. Knocking/Pinging on Fresh LT1 I've been logging and setting up my scanner for the Gen V stuff, and I noticed I'm getting midrange RPM KR on the stock tune. 1994 LT1 Engine Specifications by Justin Cupler . 99. 94-95 PCM's can be flashed through the diagnostic port using rather inexpensive hardware and software. " Signs of Timing Errors All 94+ LT1 PCM's are aluminum in color with 4 rectangle plugs. That is where the engine is flooded with standing liquid in a cylinder and the engine is started. 3/6. You also should have grabbed the OBDI test port connector from inside the car. The cost for knock sensor replacement is that high because it involves removing the upper and lower intake manifolds for access. This can be flashed to work with your car. GM part #16188309 This module is refurbished and came from a salvaged vehicle. 2 liter is a brand-new LT1 engine record; General Motors had designed its last incarnation of the LT1 engine in 1997. It’s a hollow pin that holds the piston to the top of the connecting rod. The sound only last for about 2 minutes and then goes away and does not come back unless the vehicle sits for longer than 5 to 6 hours between driving it. There is an optional relay harness (301406) that contains those two relays that will plug into the main harness. We offer PCM reprogramming with the purchase of our LT1 wiring harness. Something about the headers being loud and giving false knock signals. AS-IF the engine were knocking all the time - because it knows it can't really tell what's going on without it's "ears" (the knock sensors). The 1994 and later LT1 engines are sequential injection and use a MAF system with MAP as a back up. I have a ticking noise that is coming from my LT1 engine, a noise that increases apon acceleration. To check for proper knock retard, the ignition timing can now be advanced to a level that induces knock. Then you need to figure out if it actually IS from knock or from a loud exhaust/loud valve train or some other form of vibration that the knock sensors are picking up. I’m still around to help with EEHack, but there’s an entire community of people over there that might be able to take care of you. Open the coolant drain valve located in the lower left radiator end tank. Our stock harnesses are 4 feet from the rear of engine passenger side. Also mail order tuners offer PCMs modified to work with obd2 knock sensors. Open heater air bleed valve located just above the water pump on the thermostat housing. The thermostat is located on the water pump. Internal mechanical problems can also cause engine knocking. 95' Trans Am Lt1 knock sensor? I have a 1995 Trans Am LT-1. Check wiring and connections from ignition module and ecm. Factory Calibrations For comparisons and baseline tunes, here’s a list of many stock EE bins that I’ve dug up. When a knock sensor goes bad, the symptoms will usually be noticeable when you’re going at high speeds like on the interstate. (auto or manual, different car, and gearing) 2. Now including HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, and much more. A faulty spark plug OR wire can be the cause of engine knocking, and is bad for your engine overall. This is the mount I designed and shared with Terry (love-my-V8-280Z). The single-wire resonant knock sensor was introduced with early small-block engines. There’s a lot going on there. A knock is generally caused by the ignition timing. The 1351 is the Ignition Control (IC) circuit from the PCM to the ICM. This engine also was used by Pontiac for the Firebird, by Buick for the Roadmaster and by Cadillac for the Fleetwood. That and there isn't the constant "how do I get rid of this false knock retard" threads that you saw when tuning and LT1. Find our best fitting knock sensors for your vehicle and enjoy free next day delivery or same day pickup at a  . For the record, there is no LT4 knock sensor, only the knock module. Some tuning will be required here} Best bet appears to be a knock sensor from a 2002 Express Van 5. A lifter going bad will have more of a tap, tap, sound and the noise can be located on the top of the engine. One such problem stems from excessive clearance inside the bearings in the connecting rods that transfer the downward movement of the pistons to crankshaft rotation. Main Bearing Noise Damaged or worn main bearing noise is revealed by dull thuds or knocks which happen on every engine revolution. P1351 Major Problem, 96 Camaro Z28 LT1. Internally stock LT1, supposedly has 70-80k on it. 7L. The second picture shows the A/C compressor mounted over the drivers side valve cover (it's yellow, so look closely). Assembled with new connectors, terminals, and seals from Packard, and TXL grade wiring. When the knock modual reads these sounds as a knock then it tells the PCM and the PCM pulls timing out to try and reduce the knock. Their may be a slight ticking noise-around the intake manifold, this are the injectors at work. Code 43- Knock sensor circuit. This program was designed to aid tuners of 1994-1995 LT1 engines in Camaros, Firebirds, Corvettes, and others. The knock can be false knock. 68 Answers. The LT1 head is significantly different than the LS1 head and apparently GM was shooting the fuel at the back of the closed LS1 intake valve to vaporize the fuel and then the intake valve would open. Some of the ticking noises are from the top of the engine where the camshaft is located; worn camshaft lobes are a common cause of upper engine tapping/ticking noises. 95 Impala SS LT1 cooling system needs to be flushed. (Use L31 van tables?) [MikeOD suggestion below] {Van tables not really all that good either. Once the pistons come up to temperature they expand a bit, then they fit tighter, and they quit rattling. Motor has a little over 100 miles on it. Need lots of help XFI install for chevy LT1. An obd1 lt1 PCM. One is hydrolock. Map tables and went to the 100kpa end column and adjust timing there since once in boost that is the only columnb it pulls from and tuned timing for knock on the dyno across the RPM range of the motor. lt4 knock module Results 1 to 8 of 8 This is a discussion on lt4 knock module within the LT1 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I was told that I should get a lt4 knock module for my 95 z28, but when I look them The main difference in the LT1 is the reverse cooling design, which cools the cylinder heads first, then the block. A quick steady tap may indicate lifters or cam lobe, while a clatter may be loose/worn rocker arms. However you will have to play with the threshold settings when swapping to the LS2 sensors because the stock LS1 settings will not work. Fits 1984-95 Knock Sensor Used With Knock Sensor P/N 25-108246, 25-108248, 25-108249, 25-108250, or 25-242502; This stock replacement knock sensor or cooling fan switch connector is manufactured by GM or by one of its authorized suppliers for use as a factory replacement part. no it wouldnt help a stock lt1. Getting MegaSquirt to work with the Optispark Updated 6/1/2018 – Stock ignition module documentation added for all MS variants Thanks to “Mobythevan” on hybridz. The LT1 was fitted in Chevy’s Corvette, Camaro and Caprice/Impala SS. im just curious it it could be something else that wasnt as serious. 3L or 5. i just had headers professionally installed and i did the rest. Hard to correlate the LT1 tables to the LS1 since the LT1 uses MAP vs RPM and the LS1 uses Cyl Airmass vs RPM. In the case of a 1351, this wire is above 4. It's just a very small helping aid to not have problems. Displacement is 5. Pistons are made for GM by Mahle and are eutectic aluminum alloy. In 2014, General Motors designed and introduced a new LT1 flagship engine with up to 460 horsepower, and it was installed in the new Chevrolet Corvette. That’s nearly $800 less than the Dodge Challenger The LT4 knock sensor is a popular addition to the ECM. Lt1 full Carb swap parts list and what it takes. Knocking Brakes 2012 LT1 Even though this forum is old, I thought I would post my issues that I am having as well. it isnt a ticking. 00 Add to cart Use coupon code: FALLSALE for 10% off everything on the website *retail customers only* **10% Discount does not apply to dealer pricing or custom calibration programming** Dismiss 1. TACH Signal - On 1993 LT1 with distributors, this comes from the negative side of the coil. It is the last production Generation I small-block from Chevrolet. The Camaro LT1 undercuts the competition with the lowest price compared to its direct competitors, slotting in at $34,995 including destination. Skip navigation Sign in. Put cold water on a hot Optispark, it’s I am in need of quite a bit of help, im sure a lot of this is simple but i am not too knowledgeable of engine wiring and so on Anyways, i have a 1995 Chevy Lt1 in my 1992 camaro that is now a 383 and ready for a supercharger but running N/A for now to break in. This can be programmed as 4, 6, or 8 cylinder signal. Because of this, there is no water that passes through the intake manifold. Since 2008, our 24x LT1 conversions have been eliminating the optispark distributor and transforming LT1 engines. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) The knock can be false knock. How hard could it be? The LT1 and LS1 fourth-gen Camaro is essentially the same car. The prices of used or salvage LS1s are dropping, and The 94 and up LT1 is a sequential port fuel injection system. Some noise can come from a worn camshaft. Making its debut in the 1992 Chevrolet Corvette , the new LT1 sought to draw upon the heritage of the 1970 Chevrolet LT-1 . its much louder and it sounds like its comming from the top end. Knock sensor issues were such a problem on various GM models, GM released a Technical Service Bulletin to create a water-tight seal on the knock sensors to prevent premature failure. Rod knock occurs when the bearing has been partially or completely destroyed. This doesn't work as well with an LT1 head so I've moved the EIOT later. Some OEM knock/ESC modules (such as the LT1 & LT4) are computer chips that attach to the ECU. 7 11-27-03 06:06 PM - Post# 344293 In response to Well mine did that until I used MM OIL but that was a lifter. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Modernize Your Early SBC, VI Gen BBC, TPI, LT1 / LT4 Engine Our EFI 24x™and EFI 58x™ Product Lines bring Gen III LS1 PCM control and Gen IV LS3 ECM control to these popular engines. org for his notes on the settings! Application(s): All Chevrolet LT1, LT4, and L99 engines with the Optispark distributor. 148K miles and been in one family since new. Its also what the knock sensor is actively listening for to determine the engine is knocking. Looks like a pretty good deal. When I purchased it, it was dealer certified preowned with only 5k miles on it. 7 L. 3L V8, so-called "baby LT1") reported over 30 MPG highway in a full-size Caprice when using only the Moderate version of my MPG Improvement! Another customer with a stock '97 LT1 said that he went from 14-15 to 19 MPG with my Moderate MPG Improvement, even with his aggressive driving! A gain of 4-5MPG Over and over again we've heard people ask about swapping from an LT1 to an LS1 in their Camaro. Answer: The ’96 Camaro 5. While there is The LT1 is an excellent V8 engine swap choice that can be found for well under 700 dollars. Well, all this does is pull moisture back in. Air Conditioning Compressor Bolts 37 lb ft. This version of the The knock noise is most often noticed during initial start-up and typically disappears as the engine warms up. The larger injectors were designed to keep pace with the better breathing, higher revving engine. Running tts datamaster to see my  Here you will find listed all the BCC's I've come across programming the lt1 The knock sensor module is located inside the pcm, under the cover with two  LT1 Based Engine Tech - Is it a bad Knock sensor or bad knock module? I drive my car, I can't get knock retard for my life no matter what I try,  On the 1994-1997 LT1 F-body PCM, there is a replaceable module that receives the knock signal. These are the same products used by GM on factory harnesses, and the leads are GM color coded. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. It almost completely ruins your day. Usually, it's because of one of these issues: There is a lack of lubrication; Something has broken; Something is about to break Engine Noise Diagnosis 101. LT1 Piston LT1 Pistons carry over the black coating found on the LS3 and other Gen 4 engines to control knocking and reduce friction on startup. There is a knocking sound that started coming from my car a couple days ago. LT1 Steering pump "knock" I have a 94 LT1 in my Camaro that had a new steering pump on it when I bought it. 1993 ignition coil 1115315 Map tables and went to the 100kpa end column and adjust timing there since once in boost that is the only columnb it pulls from and tuned timing for knock on the dyno across the RPM range of the motor. New 94/97 LT1 (5. Madtuner. They monitor the engine for pinging or spark knock. We offer LT1 wiring harnesses specifically for the 1994-1995 engines. m lt1 dual plane intake or you can run some other gen 1 intake that is converted over to work. The LT1 computers can be programmed for whatever application you have, iron head, aluminum head, 4. It commands the ICM to fire the coil. e. If you can provide additional calibrations or details, please contact me. We stock only Delphi, Molex, Bosch, Kostal, and Yazaki connectors to allow you to properly service your GM harness. Engine knock is monitored by a sensor installed into the water jacket. This version of the We offer LT1 wiring harnesses specifically for the 1994-1995 engines. Buy Genuine GM 12601822 Knock Sensor Wire: Detonation - Amazon. it is deffinatly making a knocking noise. You can use either sensor in either block, as long as you have the matching knock harness. Some this pin goes to trans only, some harnesses, there is a splice, and this pin goes to coolant temp sensor AND transmission. Our harnesses are all made with top of the line copper strand wire. It then states that you can remove both of the knock sensors from the side of the engine block to drain the remaining coolant from the engine. Detonation is the not so silent killer of rod bearings, pistons, connecting rods, main bearings, crankshafts pretty much anything in its way. LT1/LT4 engines have. LT1 Knock Sensor. 8/5. Jay Leno's Garage 941,360 views. Like its LS3 predecessor, it gets its displacement from a bore and stroke of 103. lt1 knocking

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